UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization was established in 1966.

The currently 169 Member States of UNIDO meet every two years at the General Conference. In the intervals, the other supervisory bodies, i.e. Industrial Development Board (IDB) and Programme and Budget Committee (PBC) meet alternately. Germany has been a member of all decision-making bodies since UNIDO became a specialized agency in 1985.

The Organization concentrates on supporting developing countries in the establishment of a sustainable and environmentally sound economic structure.

In 1997, the General Conference of UNIDO  agreed – mainly on the initiative of Germany and the EU – upon a comprehensive organizational reform comprising a business plan outlining priority tasks, and a simplified administrative structure. These efforts of reforming UNIDO were continued with the adoption of the Lima Declaration during the General Conference in 2013, when the mandate of UNIDO was further sharpened, now focusing on "Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, ISID.

The priority task is the provision of technical Assistance in three areas: promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, activities in environment and climate protection, and trade promotion by capacity building (e.g. furthering the ability to comply with norms and standards).

UNIDO acts as implementing body for projects of the Montreal Protocol (climate protection) and the Global Environment Fund (GEF).

A Member State of the Organization since 1966, Germany actively participates in the programmatic and substantive work of the UNIDO in close coordination with its European partners.  

Following Japan, Germany is the second largest donor country to the Organization. UNIDO's regular budget for the biennium 2014/2015 amounted to approximately 144 million Euro, Germany's share of 11.7 %  resulting in annual contributions of app. 7.6 million Euro.

Contact UNIDO:
Director General: Mr. Li Yong
Address: Wagramer Strasse 5, 1220 Vienna, Austria
Postal address: UNIDO, P.O. Box 300, A-1400 Vienna, Austria
tel. (+43-1) 26026-0
fax. (+43-1) 269 26 69

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