Germany is firmly anchored within the United Nations. The inaugeration of the new
conference centre at the UN's office in Bonn during the UN's 70th anniversary year
underscores the significance of the United Nations for the German government.
O-Ton Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General
Germany has been a member of the United Nations for more than 40 years. But
German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier emphasized his country's historical
responsibility even 70 years after the end of the war.
O-Ton Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister
"Back then, after the war, there was no place for Germany in this new world order.
Germany wasn't a part of it, it was the object of this new order. But over the past few
decades our nation has been graced with careful and gradual reintegration into the
heart of this international community. And the UN offices in Bonn, which we want to
strengthen and expand, symbolize this responsibility."
The main focal points of the UN campus in Bonn are the environment and climate
protection. Germany actively encourages organisations involved in this field. In so
doing it is creating a knowledge cluster.
O-Ton Richard Dictus, UNV Executive Coordinator and Senior UN Official in
"We in the UN say that there is an opportunity here for cooperative partnerships here
that is unlike anything else in the world."
The issues are'nt always new, but the challenges are changing and the United
Nations changes with them. And it's important to make sure people, in particular
young people, are on board as these changes occur.
That's why Germany, since 2005, has had two youth delegates every year, like
Carina Lange and ALexander Kauschanski, to keep the dialogue going.
O-Ton Alexander Kauschanski, UN Youth Delegate
«As UN youth delegates we represent the voices of young people at the United
Nations. We attend the General Assembly and the social development committee
and we negotiate on behalf of young people."
O-Ton Carina Lange, UN Youth Delegate
«There are so many things to do at the moment. Look across the world at all the
crises and conflicts, and you see than the UN is more important now than ever. And
that's 70 years after it was founded."
O-Ton Alexander Kauschanski, UN Youth Delegate
"That includes climate change, as well as youth unemployment, the issue of
refugees, and this is where we want to air the views of young people."
The United Nations has existed for 70 years now. Germany has been a member for
more than 40 years, and for 20 years, the UN's Bonn campus has been showing how
people can work together to solve global challenges.